Vera Naughton

Creative Director New York, NY

Vera Naughton is a German born and educated Visual Communications Designer with a distinguished career in both Europe and the United States. She spent more than 20+ years improving the looks and performance for some of the most prestigious publications and companies in North America and Europe.

• Over 20+ years of experience as Art and Creative Director
• Oversee all creative content including magazines, online units, design and marketing projects.
• Ensure the projects are in line with the publisher’s or client expectations and the target audience.
• Ensure smooth workflow of the creative team and that deadlines and budgets are met while
delivering high-quality and revenue enhancing results.
• Proven ability of successfully manage design teams and creative projects simultaneously.
• Provide constructive feedback to designers and team members in a sensitive, motivating way.
• Participate in project meetings and pitch creative concepts to the team.
• Be a role model not only in creativity, but also in work ethic and work style.
• Experience in leading creative teams with a demonstrated understanding of how to provide
constructive feedback while continuing to inspire creative thought.
• Extensive experience working with clients including pitching and selling concepts as well as
managing client expectations.
• Diffuse problems and put forward solutions that are in the best interest of the client.
• Experience combining business and creative goals when creating a unique design solution.
• Exemplary presentation skills.
• Strong communication and problem-solving skills
• Ability to handle pressure and perform at a high level in a deadline-driven environment.
• Impeccable eye for detail and excellent grasp of visual language.
• Possessing excellent contacts: a worldwide network of designers, photographers and illustrators
• In-depth knowledge of Creative Suite for Mac.